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wpMail.me #33 - The weekly WordPress newsletter.
No spam, no nonsense. - January 5, 2012

wpMail.me - a concise, once-weekly free roundup of WordPress news and articles.

Happy New Year everyone. Now that most of us are back in office is time for some nice WordPress news, articles and tutorials.

News & Articles

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Plugin News

  • Why You Shouldn’t Use Plugins (tech.ipstenu.org)
    Just use the damn plugin! :)
  • Announcing Front End Upload, a New WordPress Plugin (mondaybynoon.com)
    Allowing client uploads has for a long time been a troublesome problem. With the advent of things like SWFUpload back in the day, things got better, but the variance among server configurations and connection speeds proved to be problematic more often than not.
  • WordPress SEO Plugin Theme Integration Guide (yoast.com)
    Theme authors come in two different shapes and sizes: those who integrate SEO "functionality" into their themes and those who don't. If you're in the camp of integrating SEO functionality into your theme, you've got yet another choice to make: do you "yield" for site owners that have an SEO plugin installed, disabling your own SEO functionality or do you deny them that choice.
  • Ultimate CMS (wordpress.org)
    This is an Easy to use Plugin to Create, Customize, Manage Custom Post Type,Custom Page Type, Custom Archives, Custom Taxonomies.
  • Pods 2.0 Alpha Released (dev.podscms.org)
    It’s the first of many alphas, so there is still much to be done and tweaked. Please remember that Pods 2.0 Alpha is NOT production/live site ready, so do not attempt to upgrade your existing Pods installations.
  • Plugins performance testing: 2012 / January (www.dev4press.com)
    This is first basic performance testing for WordPress plugins in 2012, and it will include 30 plugins. They will be tested on how much resources they use to load, and not to tell you if the plugin is good or not. Plugins features and plugin code quality is not the reviewed here.
  • Rethinking Media E-Commerce & WordPress (graphpaperpress.com)
    Graphpaperpress is working on a new e-commerce plugin.
  • Plugin Created By A 10 Year Old (www.wptavern.com)
    Making the rounds on Twitter today is a WordPress plugin called Dashboard Site Preview that allows you to preview your website from the WordPress dashboard. The plugin was created by 10 year old, Jesse Friedman who goes by jesseenterprises on WordPress.org. According to Brad Williams, this guy attended WordCamp Philly in 2011 and used what he learned at that event to create this plugin.

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