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Plugin News

  • Ajax Translator Revolution DropDown WP Plugin (www.wpexplorer.com)
    The Ajax Translator Revolution Dropdown WP Plugin by CodeCanyon is a great way to add language options to your WordPress site. This plugin adds a clean and simple language selection dropdown to your site.
  • WP Subscriber Form (sharp-coders.com)
    Every blogger wants more and more users on his blog so that he/she can earn money more and more. If you want more subscribers then you should place subscription box to the correct place. This plugin adds Feedburner Subscription Form at the end of your post content.
  • Add Email Signature (wordpress.org)
    This plugin adds a configurable signature to all outgoing emails from your WordPress site.
  • 4 Quality Etsy Plugins for WordPress (www.wpjedi.com)
    Etsy is a pretty special community to be a part of. It is a site that lets you sell your own work and earn money from your efforts. If you are involved on Etsy or would like to show Etsy related content on your site, these 4 WordPress plugins are worth checking out.
  • Create a Child Theme In One Click (wpsites.net)
    To avoid any loss of custom coding, including styling and functions code, create a child theme. You can create it manually or you can install a plugin and create your child theme in just one click.
  • 5 Unique Plugins to Make Your Contact Page Stand Out (managewp.com)
    Needless to say, a contact page is one of the most import parts of a blog. Not only that, but the information you have on that page is even more important. Here are 5 plugins to get you going in the right direction.
  • 3 Easy-to-Use Forum Plugins You May Not Be Familiar With (managewp.com)
    When it comes to adding a forum to your WordPress blog, most of us are familiar with the top choices: bbPress, Vanilla Forums, and Simple:Press. These three are great options, but they’re not the best if simplicity is what you’re seeking. Here are some easy-to-use forum plugins that will have a forum up and running on your blog in just a few minutes.
  • The First 5 Minutes of a New User (www.wysija.com)
    Ever wondered what someone thinks of your plugin the first time they try it? The four at Wysija sure do.They did user testing and their users gave them positive feedback on how "easy it is". And so this article was born.

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Theme News

  • WordPress Photography Theme (all4wordpress.com)
    The amazing range of WordPress Photography Templates all packed up with friendly features and great designs can help you more in finally having a beautiful website both for personal or professional purposes.
  • How to Make Your WordPress Themes and Plugins More Usable (www.wpexplorer.com)
    Building a great WordPress theme or plugin is as much about making it easy to use as it is about functionality and optimized code. Every time users activate a theme or plugin and struggle to find their way to and around its settings, somewhere in the world a kitten suffers. It would be nice if we put an end to that, right?
  • Use WooCart to sell stuff and look good doing it (templatic.com)
    WooCart is the second theme powered solely by WooCommerce / Jigoshop. Just like its predecessor, WooCart was also designed with simplicity in mind. Once you activate the theme and WooCommerce / Jigoshop bulk of the work is done, you just need to start adding products.
  • Distributing Your WordPress Theme (themeshaper.com)
    If you've created an amazing theme and you want to share it with the rest of the WordPress community, then you'll need this walk through the best practices to follow when preparing your theme for distribution.


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