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News & Articles

  • 2 Steps to Driving Traffic to Your WordPress Blog with Twitter (www.wpexplorer.com)
    Twitter is a great place to network with your readers and likeminded bloggers and it can be a great source of targeted referrals to your site.
  • Multisite Stands Alone (halfelf.org)
    But one of the big problems with multisite is that everyone’s network setup is different. This brings people to their biggest complaint in Multisite: Why isn’t there a plugin for this already?
  • What’s Hot in 2013: Our Picks (net.tutsplus.com)
    2012 was a fantastic year for new technologies, products, and frameworks in our industry. That said, 2013 is looking to be even better! Recently, I asked our Nettuts+ writing staff to compile a list of the technologies that they’ll be keeping a close eye on. Now these aren’t necessarily brand new, but we expect them to spike in popularity this year!
  • The Great SEO Dilemma (8bit.io)
    Your theme’s code should conform to industry standards and be semantically appealing to search engine robots. This means your content should be well organized into digestible chunks so that the appropriate words, phrases, and paragraphs are correctly interpreted by these robots when they pop in unexpectedly to visit your site.
  • WordPress Blogs at Risk Due to Plug-In Flaw (mashable.com)
    A security flaw in the default configuration of a popular plug-in for WordPress has put blogs hosted on the platform at risk of data theft.
  • New in WordPress 3.5 - get_edit_user_link (wpthemetutorial.com)
    Take a look at another new function in WordPress 3.5 called get_edit_user_link.
  • WP-Mix: Code Snippets & Tutorials for WordPress (wp-mix.com)
    Jeff Starr, the guy behind the awesome WordPress resource site and “Digging Into WordPress” book recently launched a new site that will showcase code snippets as mini-tuts and straight-up tips aimed at WordPress developers and web designers in general. It’s called WP-Mix.

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Plugin News

  • OmniGallery (colorlabsproject.com)
    OmniGallery supports Flickr, Picasa, Pinterest, Facebook Albums, and Instagram. The plugin is very simple to use. Once it’s downloaded and activated, you just need to fill in a simple form where you can type in your Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest usernames.
  • DuckDuckGo Search Widget (wordpress.org)
    Adds a DuckDuckGo Search Widget to your site. Users can use it to search your site using the DuckDuckGo search engine.
  • Restore Image Title (wordpress.org)
    WordPress 3.5 introduced a new feature - when images are inserted into posts, the title attribute is not included in the image tag. This plugin restores the title attribute when images are inserted into posts.
  • How To Add App Store Applications To WordPress (www.wpjedi.com)
    Apple has a very exciting application store in the App Store. There are a ton of quality applications available there. If you are running your app website on WordPress, you could always use these Apple App Store plugins to add application data to it quickly.
  • Create and Display an Actual Business Card on Your WordPress Site (wpmu.org)
    Business cards, like coupons, have been such a part of our offline lives for so long that it’s almost a little strange not having them on the web. Well, now there’s a plugin to fix that.
  • Royal Slider (wpmu.org)
    Royal Slider has been a popular premium slider plugin for a long time, and the all-new version of the old favorite is a good option for your WordPress sites. It is fully responsive, gives you the ability to add multiple animated HTML blocks, and has almost a dozen templates for adding things like thumbnail navigation, deep linking, video, and more.
  • ManageWP’s Top 100 Free WordPress Plugins of the Year (managewp.com)
    Each of the plugins from the list has been handpicked from a carefully filtered list. Each and every one is a quality offering. They're ranked by a combination of the number of downloads and average ratings.
  • 6 Great Plugins for Adding a Social Stream to Your Blog (managewp.com)
    Are you looking for an easy way to share your social networking updates with your blog readers and visitors? Since most of us are members of various social networking sites, a social stream is one of the best ways to show off all of your updates and shared content in an organized manner.
  • Smart Cleanup Tools (www.dev4press.com)
    Smart Cleanup Tools is a powerful plugin that can be used to cleanup WordPress database from various unneeded data and records (and keep track of saving made and other relevant statistics). Contains 15 cleanup and reset tools, and some of them can be used for WordPress Multisite.

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