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No spam, no nonsense. - January 10, 2013

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Since 2012 is already history, we took a step back an reflected on what the past 12 months meant for our newsletter.

We consulted the MailChimp reports and created a Google document containing all the activity from the past 52 issues of wpMail.me.

Then we decide to share it. Why not? There are some nice and really interesting numbers, tops and stats in there.

That being said, check them out here. You may find them useful.

News & Articles

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Plugin News

  • 3 Essential List Building Plugins for WordPress (www.wpexplorer.com)
    If you have a big email list, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. An email list is something that you shouldn't avoid if you really want to make money from your website. See this 3 essential plugins that you can use to get more subscribers to your WordPress blog.
  • Simple Contact Slider (www.millan.rs)
    Simple Contact Slider is a very easy to use plugin for adding classic contact form into any and all pages of your WordPress powered website. Contact form is hidden behind the tab on the left side of the screen, and it is sliding into the screen when user clicks on tab.
  • WordPress Most Popular Plugins (Infographic) (www.wptemplate.com)
    One of the best reasons why WordPress is the most acclaimed and the most popular CMS service is because of the user friendly design options. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that a person with zero knowledge of web coding can build an extremely awesome website with all the desired options.
  • FikraTicker (wordpress.org)
    FikraTicker provides WordPress with a sleek and multi-options newsticker. It can be displayed in any place in your website/blog. This ticker shows the latest news/posts. You can control the news display from the control panel.
  • WP Ads Within Contens (wordpress.org)
    WP Ads Within Contents gives you facility to show Ads Within Post. You can Show ads Before and After the Content.
  • Advanced Blog Metrics (wordpress.org)
    Learn more about your readers and how they react to your posts. That way you could improve your blog performance.
  • Media Library Assistant (wordpress.org)
    Enhances the Media Library; powerful[mla_gallery], taxonomy support, IPTC/EXIF processing, bulk & quick edit actions and where-used reporting.
  • How to Add Tables to WordPress: 10 Table Plugins (www.wpjedi.com)
    Have you ever seen sites with fancy tables included on them? You could always add cool tables to your WordPress site if you know some CSS and have the patience to do some coding. These 10 table plugins make the process even easier though.
  • Best WordPress Slider Plugins in 2013 (www.wpmayor.com)
    As we make a start to a brand new year, slideshow and content slider plugins remain very popular with WordPress users. WP Mayor rounded up the best WordPress slider plugins in 2012 and they are back again to give you the hottest slider plugins to use in 2013.

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Theme News


  • Working with Custom Admin Pointers in WordPress (bavotasan.com)
    When WordPress 3.3 was released we were introduced to the new Admin Pointers, those blue and white boxes that had tips on how to use some of the new features. Seeing how WP used them to help guide users through some of the new features was brilliant.
  • Creating Highly Customized Post Types with Custom Meta Boxes (www.wpexplorer.com)
    Standard WordPress sites have two kinds of post types: posts and pages, but you can add on as many as you want. You may even have some on your site from themes or plugins that support things like events, real estate listings, products or sliders.
  • How to Add MP3 Audio Files in WordPress (www.wpbeginner.com)
    Uploading audio and video files to WordPress using the Media Uploader is easy. Even though the media uploader recognizes these files and display appropriate file-type icons next to them, WordPress does not have a media player that can play these files. In this tutorial, you'll see how to add MP3 audio files in WordPress using oEmbed.
  • How to Add a Theme Demo Bar in WordPress (www.wpbeginner.com)
    A theme demo bar is a toolbar that appears on top of a website with a theme selector menu. It allows you to create one site with dummy content that your users can use to see the demo of different themes that you have available.
  • Creating Responsive Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress (wp.tutsplus.com)
    Pricing tables are a key component of your business that promotes your products and helps users choose between different services you have. This tutorial is intended to provide knowledge to WordPress developers on creating a plugin from scratch which enables customization in different projects.

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