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wpMail.me #87 - The weekly WordPress newsletter.
No spam, no nonsense. - January 17, 2013

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News & Articles

  • Resolving The WordPress Multisite Redirect Loop (tommcfarlin.com)
    If you have a single instance of WordPress multisite installed on the same server, there’s no issue, but if you go beyond that then you normally hit a problem: a redirect loop.
  • Why The Washington Post uses WordPress (yurivictor.com)
    A great read from Yuri Victor, the user experience director for the Washington Post. According to Yuri, their first experiment with WordPress was with Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog. He loved WordPress, so they started rolling it out to a bunch of their other blogs.
  • Best WordPress Companies, Agencies and Studios (www.wpmayor.com)
    Jean Galea is taking a look at the most well-known WordPress agencies and companies. These are companies who have constantly been producing top notch WordPress websites for a number of years, and their people are well known in the WordPress community.
  • ManageWP Reborn: Announcing The All New ManageWP! (managewp.com)
    Team ManageWP is very proud to introduce a completely new design and amazing set of new features to the ManageWP dashboard. This latest iteration of the ManageWP dashboard was designed with two primary goals in mind: maximum efficiency and unquestionable simplicity for all your WordPress management needs.
  • wpXtreme 1.0.0 beta 2 is out! (wpxtre.me)
    wpXtreme it's a free "ecosystem", built to give a better user experience to users who are installing software on WordPress; It's a fully functional store (the WPX Store) that is a real app store for WordPress and we also have built a Developer Center to let developers submit, test and sell their plugins.
  • Generate WP (generatewp.com)
    Generate WP provides tools for developers to create advanced systems built on WordPress. You can use the generators by entering the details, click the "Update Code" button, copy & paste the code to your theme/plugin.

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Plugin News

  • Jellyfish Counter Widget (strawberryjellyfish.com)
    This plugin for WordPress adds a widget that displays a static or animated odometer style counter that can display a set value or can animate between a starting and ending value.
  • SO Mobile Map Widget (wordpress.org)
    This widget adds a mobile-optimised Google Static Map Image with a colored pin centered on a destination of your choosing.
  • Flowplayer 5 for WordPress (wordpress.org)
    A plugin for showing videos with FlowPlayer 5. From the makers of Flowplayer.
  • HotSpots (wordpress.org)
    HotSpots is a plugin which draws a heat map of mouse clicks overlayed on your webpage allowing you to improve usability by analysing user behaviour.
  • Simple History (www.wpjedi.com)
    Running a community is not as easy as some make it to be. If you have multiple members active in your community helping you manage your site, you are going to have to keep track of what happens on it. The Simple History plugin is a handy script that keeps track of the changes that are being made on your website and keeps you informed so you can catch potential issues easier.
  • Essential Plugins And Add-Ons For WordPress eCommerce Sites (wpengine.com)
    Ecommerce for WordPress has become common enough that it’s often not just enough to have a well-functioning eCommerce site, you’ve also got to incorporate the right plugins and features to increase conversions and functionality on the site.

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Theme News

  • 2013 Design Trends for WordPress Themes (www.wpexplorer.com)
    Looking over the latest trends in WordPress theme development as well as overall web design, WPExplorer team have put together a list of what they think are some of the things we’ll be seeing a lot of when it comes to theming in 2013.
  • iThemes Celebrates 5 Years of Business (ithemes.com)
    Back to January 2008 when iThemes released their first premium theme, Essence. Now they celebrate 5 years. Happy anniversary guys!
  • 23 new Jigoshop themes (jigoshop.com)
    The range of Jigoshop compatible themes has just doubled with the release of 23 new designs from the authors at Template Tuning. Their products cover a wide range of potential stores and applications, and in addition they can also provide custom tweaks to their designs if required.
  • Frank: A Free WordPress Theme Designed For Speed (wp.smashingmagazine.com)
    Frank is an open-source WordPress theme designed and built to provide a light, responsive and unobtrusive reading experience. . Frank keeps it basic: no Javascript dependence, no unnecessary images, just a simple, no-frills, fast blog theme. The theme is introduced by its developer, P.J. Onori. —Ed.
  • 6 Attractive Themes for Medical Businesses (www.wpjedi.com)
    These 6 WordPress themes for medical businesses are worth checking out for professionals involved in this field.
  • 30 WordPress Tumblr Style Blogging Themes for 2013 (wplift.com)
    While this type of content is easy to produce and consume the Tumblr platform has some limitations some may want to avoid. Flexibility and the use of add-ons (or plugins) being the main culprit. Thankfully though, in WordPress users can find a happy medium. They can still create a Tumblr-like blog, but with the extreme power and flexibility offered by WordPress.


  • How to Internationalize WordPress (www.wpexplorer.com)
    As you know, WordPress is translated into many languages, but very often plugins or themes contain some strings that aren't translated into your own language and this is more than frustrating: it’s irritating. So why this happens? Probably because developers do not use as they should internationalization.
  • Display Blog Posts on any Page (digwp.com)
    By default, your latest WordPress posts are displayed on the home page, with older posts available via post navigation on /page/2/, /page/3/, and so on. In this DigWP post, you will learn how to display your blog posts on any static page using a custom WP_Query loop that works beautifully with post navigation.
  • The WordPress Theme Customizer: a Comprehensive Developer’s Guide (themefoundation.com)
    The theme customizer was introduced in WordPress version 3.4. It allows for an editing environment where theme options can be tried by the administrator before being applied to the live site. In this tutorial, you will see at exactly how this feature can be added to a theme.
  • Getting Started With WooCommerce: Launching Your Store (wp.tutsplus.com)
    WooCommerce brings serious big boy e-commerce to WordPress. In this tutorial, you'll learn about products, different product types, WooCommerce offers and you'll see how to add your first products to your site.
  • 4 Ways to Make Your WordPress Photography Website Mobile-Friendly (managewp.com)
    For photographers, it's a tough situation because they want and need their photographs to shine. Their portfolio is their gold. It is one of the two website factors that attract clients. In this article you will see four different ways that you can make your photography website mobile-friendly.

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