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wpMail.me #88 - The weekly WordPress newsletter.
No spam, no nonsense. - January 24, 2013

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News & Articles

  • WordPress News Sites And The Bermuda Triangle (www.wptavern.com)
    This article started from a discussion held on Twitter around the topic of WordPress news centric sites seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth after a certain period of time. The question which started this conversation by Doug Stewart is as follows: “A question for which I have no answer: why do all WordPress news sites seem to come with an expiration date?“.
  • WordPress User Registration (www.cozmoslabs.com)
    You probably would like to have new users register before being able to take certain actions (for example, posting reviews or commenting) but do not want them to have access to the WordPress Dashboard? Truth is, WordPress User Registration doesn't have to be hard to get.
  • On Creating User Interfaces: A Developer’s Perspective (tommcfarlin.com)
    People rarely read Web pages word by word; instead, they scan the page , picking out individual words and sentences. In research on how people read websites we found that 79 percent of our test users always scanned any new page they came across; only 16 percent read word-by-word.
  • Why is WordPress Free? What are the Costs? What is the Catch? (www.wpbeginner.com)
    One of the most often asked question by users is “Do I have to pay to use WordPress?”. They are told that WordPress is a free and open source software, which is usually followed by, “Why is WordPress Free?”. In this post, are discussed topics like why WordPress is free, the costs of running a WordPress site, and what’s the catch?
  • 25 Mistakes WordPress Bloggers Should Avoid (wpsites.net)
    If you've ever worked in the hospitality industry, you’d know the first 11 seconds are important. In many cases, it’s the same when you land on a website. Here's a few reasons which may turn you off subscribing to or linking to a WordPress blog.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Compared (www.wpmayor.com)
    Jean Galea is taking a look at the companies that are offering managed WordPress hosting. These companies have in-house WordPress experts and have built their hosting system ground up tailored for the specific needs of a WordPress site.
  • WordPress.org bans Themeforest members from participating in official WordCamp gatherings (thenextweb.com)
    A storm is fast approaching the WordPress community, as a controversy involving the WordPress Foundation and Themeforest creator Envato has left all participating Themeforest merchants banned from speaking, organizing, sponsoring or volunteering for WordCamps, the largest “official” gatherings surrounding WordPress.
  • Become A WordPress Development Professional (new book) (wpthemetutorial.com)
    Becoming a Professional WordPress Developer walks you through 10 chapters of WordPress best practices and advice. Curtis McHale, the author of this book is passionate about web design and he has worked in the web world for 5 years as a frontend coder and designer. He currently run SFNdesign fulltime.

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Plugin News

  • EXIF Columns (wordpress.org)
    This plugin adds columns to the WordPress built in Media Library for EXIF metadata. EXIF columns added are All, Credit, Camera, Focal Length, Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, Created Timestamp, Created Date and Copyright.
  • Post Meta Inspector (wordpress.org)
    A quick and easy way to see post meta associated with any given post. When activated, this plugin prints your post meta keys and values inside of a post meta box.
  • Sensei (www.woothemes.com)
    Teaching coursework has never been easier, all within WordPress. With the Sensei plugin you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. Set lesson and course pre-requisites, allow user registration and even charge for your course content using WooCommerce if you want.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin (wplift.com)
    Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process which requires a lot of patience, with equally sweet returns. One of the many reasons to love WordPress is because it enables us to implement SEO in our website without much knowledge of HTML. In this tutorial you will walk through the basics of Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin.
  • How to Drive More Twitter Traffic to Your Blog with WordTwit (managewp.com)
    WordTwit is a really valuable tool in terms of both blog post promotion and outreach. In this post Tom Ewer is going to provide an overview of the plugin along with his suggestions for making the most of it.
  • ML Sticky Notes (wordpress.org)
    Front end sticky notes plugin for WordPress. Notes are only displayed to administrators.
  • Pocket Read it Later Button (wordpress.org)
    This plugin lets you easily add a Pocket Read it Later button to your WordPress blog via a shortcode.
  • SleekStore (wordpress.org)
    Sleek Store is an Instant way to start sales and launch online store powered by WordPress. Functional, convenient, hyper-flexible.
  • Followgram (wpxtre.me)
    Followgram, the popular web app that elegantly extends the functions of Instagram and enhances your experience. Brands worldwide are turning to Followgram pages to promote themselves via a great visual experience, web analytics and a customer engagement system.

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Theme News

  • The Ultimate Guide for Choosing A WordPress Theme (www.wpkube.com)
    If you’re running an online business, than there are ton of important things you have to focus on like getting ahead of competition, improving site rankings, getting more leads, etc. By choosing a self hosted WordPress platform, you’re already miles ahead of the competition. Now, the next step is choosing a WordPress theme that fits your style & need.
  • 20 Fantastic WordPress Footer Designs (wpmu.org)
    Let’s face it – even though they often contain vital information, footers generally don’t get much respect. But if you have a footer that surprises in some way, something that offers a little more, something that pops out at the visitor, then you just may catch their attention enough to engage them a little more.
  • 15 Cool Best-Selling Premium WordPress Themes (pelfusion.com)
    WordPress brings you a series of stunning WordPress themes for exactly this purpose. PelFusion team have handpicked 15 of some of the most popular premium WordPress themes out of several hundreds more that will really give you the bang for your buck. These premium themes are suited to make your web space stand out no matter what kind of theme or category you’re addressing.
  • 20 Attractive Themes for Cafes and Food Businesses (www.wpjedi.com)
    Whether you own a restaurant, coffee shop, or any other type of food business, you need to develop a professional online presence for it. Most people expect to be able to find any credible business online these days. If you don’t have a website or the one you have looks horrible, you could use one of these WordPress themes to give it a makeover:
  • 6 Attractive WordPress Themes for Animal Sites (www.wpjedi.com)
    We all love animals. Some of us are very passionate about them. Those folks can always start their website to sell animal products, cover animal related news, or promote causes related to animals. These 6 animal themes for WordPress are worth checking out if you are starting a site on this topic.


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