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  • A Step-by-Step Checklist for Writing Your WordPress Blog Posts (managewp.com)
    In this post you will see all of the necessary tasks to carry out before publishing a post. In the final part of this series next week you will see the tasks you should carry out after publishing.
  • "Should I Do This in a WordPress Theme or Plugin?" (tommcfarlin.com)
    An article by Tom McFarlin about where to introduce a new feature: in the form of a child theme or in the form of a plugin. It’s a question that raised more often than not, but there’s a series of questions that we can ask ourselves before jumping into writing any code.
  • Approaches To WordPress Theme Development (build.codepoet.com)
    What makes a WordPress theme? The simplest answer is PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and assets like images and other embedded media. Philip Arthur Moore expands on a recent WordCamp talk about four different approaches to theming and offers the benefit of his experience to help you decide on a route that’s right for you and your projects.
  • WordPress Is A Mature Platform (wpengine.com)
    “Is WordPress Actually Mature Enough For My Organization’s Needs?”
  • How to start your own WordPress marketplace (mattreport.com)
    The Matt Report is all about learning from other WordPress entrepreneurs and their respective business. They’re not just listening to the journey of designers and developers — but also marketers, author’s, and today’s guest a marketplace founder. If you’re thinking of starting your own marketplace or just about to start selling your first plugin, you want to tune into Pippin Williamson.
  • The focus keyword in WordPress SEO (yoast.com)
    This question pops up time and again: why can I only add one focus keyword to your SEO plugin? People seem to think they have to set several keywords for each post. This post explores the reasoning behind that, very deliberate, decision.

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