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wpMail.me #96 - The weekly WordPress newsletter.
No spam, no nonsense. - March 21, 2013

wpMail.me - a concise, once-weekly free roundup of WordPress news and articles.

News & Articles

  • Alex King On The Maturity Of WordPress (wpengine.com)
    One of the original contributors to the platform, Alex King, has been with WordPress since it was a tiny fork off of B2, and is the founder of Crowd Favorite, one of the oldest WordPress development agencies that specializes in large WordPress development and design projects for sites like AllThingsD, AMCTV, and others.
  • Why Portfolio Functionality is Best Handled by a Plugin (thematosoup.com)
    When it comes to adding a portfolio section to your WordPress website, there’s more than one way to do it. Before taking a look at three most common ones, allow ThematoSoup to explain why allowing a theme to handle content generation usually isn’t a great idea.
  • The dire state of WordPress (jshakespeare.com)
    WordPress powers a massive tranche of the world’s websites – 17.4% of them. Over the years its huge community and ease-of-use as a CMS has won it favor with web developers looking for out-of-the-box solutions to homogeneous client briefs.
  • My Problems with The WordPress Plugin Repository (tommcfarlin.com)
    "I’ll be the first to admit that I think the WordPress Plugin Repository does some great things for WordPress and for its user base. But as time has passed, I've come to believe that the repository is more user-centric than developer-centric. Don’t read me wrong: I’m not claiming that this is an either/or situation. Ideally, both should be elevated to the same level."
  • Practical Tips From Top WordPress Pros (wp.smashingmagazine.com)
    In this article you'll find some tips from WordPress pros from across the community. Many of the tips cover development, but there’s also advice on business, running your website and, of course, getting involved with the community.
  • What is WordPress & Why you should use it? (www.wpkube.com)
    More than 50% of the top 100 websites in the world are powered by WordPress, which is pretty amazing considering that it was just 27 percent three years ago. In this article you'll see what exactly WordPress is and why you should use it.
  • Fantasktic: Simple Support For Anything WordPress (wpdaily.co)
    The ‘simple way’ Fantasktic is going for is one price, $99 for almost anything. Fantasktic has chosen an interesting niche: one-time support for WordPress sites. They’ve already got a number of happy customers including: Bumblebee Tuna, oboardly.com and barackobama.com. Not too shabby for a recent startup.

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Plugin News

  • How I Increased Soliloquy Sales by 4x in 2.5 Months (thomasgriffinmedia.com)
    "As I began my shift from developer to marketer, one of the easiest ways to wade through the transition was to try and put into practice what I had stirring in my brain. Since I already sold Soliloquy, it made sense to start there and see if what I thought would work would, you know, work." An article by Thomas Griffin.
  • Profile Builder quick review (wpdaily.co)
    Profile Builder is a custom front-end user registration solution from the folks at Cosmoslabs. It’s a plugin for your WordPress powered blog and comes in one of two options, Pro or Hobbyist, depending on your needs and your pocketbook.
  • Better Notifications for WordPress (wordpress.org)
    Better Notifications for WordPress (beta) allows you to choose which WordPress email notifications are sent to which user roles (including custom roles) and allows you to customise those emails using all the available information WordPress provides for that notification using simple shortcodes.
  • 3 WordPress Plugins for Complete Social Media Mastery (www.wpexplorer.com)
    In this post you will discover the three social media WordPress plugins that you need in order for the above to become a reality. With these plugins installed, social media interaction will become entirely automated so that you can focus on the important aspects of boosting your social media popularity.
  • Barc Chat (wordpress.org)
    Barc Chat provides a simple yet feature rich chat room for your whole community to interact in real-time directly on your site.
  • Get Directions (wordpress.org)
    Get Directions is a flexible, responsive map plugin , that uses MapQuest. Widget and shortcodes that auto detect mobiles.
  • 12 Audio Player Plugins for WordPress (www.wpjedi.com)
    It goes without saying that playing music on your website automatically without asking your visitors is a huge turnoff. There are exceptions to that rule. Band sites could certainly get away with that. In order to play audio files on your site, you are going to need a decent audio player. These 12 audio player plugins can handle the job for you.
  • Best Video Plugins for WordPress (www.wpmayor.com)
    The inclusion of video in your site can enhance you visitors’ experience, and sometimes it is just easier to explain something via video rather than by writing out a long winded post. In this post you'll find some excellent plugins that will help you insert video into your WordPress site’s posts and pages.
  • BU Navigation (developer.bu.edu)
    The BU Navigation Plugin is a robust tool for managing hierarchical page content. Ideal for blogs with large page counts.

Theme Releases

















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Academica Pro






Theme News

  • The Recipe for a Great Theme (themeshaper.com)
    Have you ever looked at a WordPress theme and thought, “Man, I wish I could do that!” Well, here’s a little secret: You totally can. Yes, you can make a theme, and you don’t need to be a theme expert to do so. You just need three things: an idea, a healthy dose of curiosity, and time.
  • The true value of a WordPress theme: Hermes Themes and a $200 price tag (wpcandy.com)
    Dumitru Brinzan, who has a long history in WordPress themes at WPZOOM, has started a new theme project called Hermes Themes. The shop offers strictly hotel themes, in contrast to WPZOOM’s more varied selection.
  • 30 Blog & Magazine Style WordPress Themes for Tech & Gadget Sites (wplift.com)
    Part of what helps individuals make their voices heard amidst the cacophony is a well designed website.That’s where this collection of 30 premium WordPress themes for tech and gadget sites comes in. With a great theme to help frame your thoughts, reviews and opinions on tech news and gadgets it’s possible to gain respect and influence even in a highly competitive niche.
  • A Quick Look at WordPress.org Theme Review Guidelines (thematosoup.com)
    For those of you looking for a WordPress theme, if you’re not aware of WordPress.org theme review process,you should read Theme Review article at WordPress Codex. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme, there’s hardly a better place to tell you what you should expect from it.
  • Mojo Themes Goes 100% GPL (wpdaily.co)
    Mojo Themes has been around for a little bit of time – over 3 years to be precise. They've grown quite a bit in the last year and the growth doesn't seem to be stopping. Which is why they announced that due to growth and how they, as a company, impact the WordPress community, they are going completely GPL.


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