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News & Articles

  • WordPress 3.6 is Alive: The New Heartbeat API (wpmu.org)
    We’ve been anticipating the release of WordPress 3.6 for weeks now, but it’s definitely alive – and you could say it even has a pulse. The Heartbeat API will be a new feature introduced in the latest release. It’s been designed to deliver login expiration notifications, provide post locking and trigger autosaves - making writers like me very happy.
  • Fixed and Improved WordPress User Listing (www.cozmoslabs.com)
    We have some good news for our WordPress User Listing feature from Profile Builder Pro! Yes, as the title says it, we have fixed quite a few bugs on the WordPress User Listing feature. Thanks to you, we received lots of feedback and there were a lot of edge case scenarios that broke the functionality. This feature was rebuilt from scratch, now being a lot more stable and working as it was supposed to.
  • Functions.php vs Plugin, Who Wins? (tommcfarlin.com)
    When it comes to introducing custom functionality into a WordPress project, the debate between functions.php vs. plugin usage is nothing new. Though this is presentation related in that it will impact what’s displayed to the users, it’s also a bit of custom functionality but it’s only relegated to this particular theme.
  • Did You Miss These Product, Plugin Updates? - WP Daily (wpdaily.co)
    These days were full of updates for a number of great plugins and solutions and if you’ve already an owner then you may have already updated natively through your system.
  • Your WordPress Skills Can Change The World (www.wpmayor.com)
    You’re a talented WordPress developer or designer. Let’s be honest, you’re pretty popular these days. You’ve got skills that are needed far and wide. The only question is: How will you use them?
  • Give Clients the Power to Self-Manage and Update Their WordPress Sites (www.cozmoslabs.com)
    To developers, the WordPress admin interface is really simple and intuitive, particularly considering the amount of trouble we go through to make things behave like they should. We found out a lot of clients that were excited about having their own self-powered CMS, freaked out when trying to change a piece of content or simply weren’t using it at all. It still wasn’t easy or intuitive enough.

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Plugin News

Theme Releases

Scope Business WordPress Theme


The View Is Beautiful From The Vertex




iMag Mag




WP StrapGrid Lite


Harmony 2.0






Theme News

  • Introducing Castello WordPress Theme [VIDEO] (www.hermesthemes.com)
    It is with great pleasure that we release our first WordPress theme of this Summer: Castello. Castello Theme will work best for websites with beautiful photography, such as websites for luxury villas, holiday/vacation homes, small B&Bs, farmhouses, etc.
  • 30 WordPress Themes for Parties, Weddings & Entertainment Events (wplift.com)
    All of those events and the parties involved (bands, etc.) may want their own websites built on WordPress. That is why for today’s roundup I’ve collected 30 fantastic WordPress themes for events and entertainment sites.
  • Announcing TeslaThemes – Rational WordPress Themes Shop (www.wpmayor.com)
    Here is where TeslaThemes fades in: a selected shop of Clean WordPress Themes coupled with awesome design and advanced features. It provides Multipurpose WordPress Themes with premium design that can be used by all bloggers, developers, freelancers, agencies or corporate websites, willing to set up and run a professional website with a beautiful layout.
  • Create an artsy web store with Cartsy (templatic.com)
    The release of WooCommerce jump-started a golden age for WordPress e-commerce themes. Within this ever-growing selection of e-commerce themes there weren’t many that truly stood out. We aim to fill this gap with Cartsy, a simple theme with a big personality. Cartsy is somewhat of a successor to E-commerce, a theme also known for its simplicity.
  • A new and improved Templatic.com (templatic.com)
    f you you visited templatic.com in the last week noticed that things have changed. Finally we have a brand new site! Even though site design is not revolutionarily different, it is much better than what we had earlier. This new site offers faster, universally same and better user experience than earlier.


  • How to Create Super Cool WordPress Category Pages (wpmu.org)
    How important are the category pages on your site? Are they just an afterthought? Are they drab and lackluster? Admit it — could they be a lot more valuable (to both you and your visitors)? Couldn’t they be a lot cooler too, like this guy below?
  • 20 Tutorials to Develop WordPress Plugin (pelfusion.com)
    WordPress plugin developers are earning good amount online. Most of them release two versions of plugin, one is free version and other is premium with some enhanced features. If you are new to plugin development or want to extend your experience this article is best for you.
  • How To Add A Second Style Sheet In Your Theme (wpsites.net)
    In this tutorial, i’ll show you how to create and add a second style.css file in your theme. You can add the style sheet to your parent theme however its best practice to add it in your child theme.
  • How to Install WordPress in Other Languages (www.wpbeginner.com)
    In the past, we have written a fairly through guide on how to install WordPress by using 1-click install method, manual 5 minute install, as well as local installs. Recently it was brought to our attention that we missed a fairly important part: localization of WordPress installs.
  • How To: Migrate Your Site to WordPress from HTML, Joomla and Drupal (wplift.com)
    These tips covering migrating to WordPress from another platform aim to help make the transition as painless as possible. While there is no denying the task can be a daunting one, it is also an excellent opportunity to revaluate your existing site and update its design, organisational structure and clean up any errant code.
  • Integrating Multiple Choice Quizzes in WordPress – Creating the Backend (wp.tutsplus.com)
    Creating a multiple choice quiz in WordPress can be a very exciting and profitable task. You can use it in your personal blog to attract more visitors, or you can create a premium section with advanced quizzes, or you can create quizzes focusing on popular certification exams. There are numerous possibilities for making it profitable.

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