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News & Articles

  • WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” (wordpress.org)
    The latest and greatest WordPress, version 3.6, is now live to the world and includes a beautiful new blog-centric theme, bullet-proof autosave and post locking, a revamped revision browser, native support for audio and video embeds, and improved integrations with Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud.
  • Got a Great Idea for WordPress 3.8? Have Your Say (wpmu.org)
    If you’ve got a feature idea for WordPress, get ready to pitch it this week. Co-founder Matt Mullenweg will host the first planning meeting for WordPress 3.8 on UTC Thursday, 8 August 2013 at 6pm in #wordpress-dev on Freenode.
  • Web Hosting Review: So Just Who is the Best? (wpmu.org)
    There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there and choosing just one is no easy task. So to help you get your head around what’s out there, we posted comprehensive reviews of five of the most popular web hosts – Page.ly, Bluehost, Go Daddy, DreamHost and WP Engine – over the past two weeks.
  • A New Frontier for Core Development | Make WordPress CoreMake WordPress Core (make.wordpress.org)
    As a part 3.7, we’ll be leading an effort to revamp and streamline our development workflow. We’re going to bring all of our core components—our code, our tests, and our tooling—under one roof. Developers will be able to use and improve the tools we’re already working with day-to-day, and we’ll be able to add new tools to make working with WordPress even easier.
  • The State of WordPress Education (torquemag.io)
    In his annual State of the Word address, Matt Mullenweg gave a number of interesting statistics relating to WordPress over the last year. Some were good, but others, not so good. On the “good” side of the ledger was the increase, of 2.2%, of total sites now using WordPress, a number that brings usage up to 18.9%.
  • 7 Reasons Why WordPress Made PHP Popular, not PHP Frameworks (www.phpclasses.org)
    Read this article to learn about an opinion why this claim is unfounded and PHP popularity has more to do with WordPress than with PHP at one language may be more popular than PHP Frameworks.

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Plugin News

  • Eliminate User Registration Spam from your WordPress Membership Site with Profile Builder (www.cozmoslabs.com)
    User Registration Spam is becoming an important concern for many of the WordPress membership site owners. If your WordPress site is set to allow user registration, then it’s probably vulnerable to user registration spam from spam-bots.
  • SearchWP: The Best WordPress Search Plugin you can Find (mondaybynoon.com)
    People love to hate WordPress search. The biggest problem people have with it is the relevancy because WordPress orders results by date descending. At the end of the day it’s not a huge deal, because WordPress is doing full-text searches on your content (for the most part) and you’re probably going to get the post you’re looking for. But that’s where it stops, that’s all you get.
  • Heartbeat API for WordPress (www.strangerstudios.com)
    As part of the JavaScript chapter for our upcoming book Building Web Apps with WordPress, I got a chance to research and work with the Heartbeat API that is new to WordPress 3.6. It’s a cool little piece of functionality that will help out developers building asynchronous apps on top of WordPress.
  • Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Custom Fields and Post Types (www.wpmayor.com)
    Custom Post Types and Custom Fields were the two features that really transformed WordPress from a simple blogging tool to a fully-fledged CMS. Many still think that custom post types and custom fields are hard to implement, but today I’m going to give you two plugins that will make you the master of CPTs and custom fields within 10 minutes max. Try them out!
  • Modular WordPress (eamann.com)
    Last weekend, Matt Mullenweg spoke at length about what the future holds for WordPress development. I took some time to share a brief proposal for one change that could be made farther down the road. Today I’d like to share another – more in line with Matt’s proposal that future WordPress development be focused around plugins. Make WordPress modular.
  • All Plugins are (not) Created Equal (poststat.us)
    Plugins are the new black in WordPress site development, and picking out the perfect plugins for your site can quickly become overwhelming. The WordPress.org plugin repository hosts over 26,000 plugins and the plugin forum contains over 1.3 million posts. Check out this plugin wordcloud – what stands out amongst the rest?

Theme Releases

Wellington Travel


Video Theme
















Theme News

  • 6 Impressive WordPress Job Board Solutions You’d Want Working for You (wpmu.org)
    If you’re looking to run a job board with WordPress, then we have some good news for you. There are a number of nice solutions out there that offer a range of impressive functions and designs.
  • StudioPress releases Genesis 2.0 with HTML5 and microdata goodness (poststat.us)
    The StudioPress team has announced the launch of Genesis 2.0. This is a huge update for them, and they’ve been working on it for months. The latest Sixteen Nine theme that’s been released along side Genesis 2.0 is also pretty dang fancy.
  • The Theme Foundry Releases a Backbone Powered Theme (poststat.us)
    The folks from The Theme Foundry have released a new theme called Collections, which is a post formats centric, Backbone powered WordPress theme. They emailed me to let me know they were wrapping up a Backbone powered theme, and I was intrigued and asked if I could take a closer look.
  • How are Premium Themes Developed? (templatic.com)
    Making a premium theme is all about the team effort. Why the focus on “premium” you might be wondering? Well it’s because when you develop a theme and charge money it becomes your responsibility to deliver a product that looks professional and works as advertised. Not only that, but you also need to provide support for it so people can actually get started.
  • Ecommerce Themes (templatic.com)
    Our collection of Ecommerce Themes for WordPress with which you can create a powerful online store website for your business to sell your products on the internet. Please browse through the themes below with a brief description of each of them with more information available when you press the ‘Theme Details’ button.
  • Twenty Thirteen Theme Review (thematosoup.com)
    With almost 1.5 million downloads in less than a week Twenty Thirteen theme surely broke all sort of records. But what is it all about and how is it different than its predecessors? Let’s find out.


  • Get all Media Attached to a Post (pippinsplugins.com)
    WordPress 3.6 introduced the new get_attached_media() function that makes it really simple to retrieve all media attached to a specific post.
  • Remove WordPress SEO Columns from Post Table (andrewnorcross.com)
    The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is very popular, and for a good reason. It uses solid methodology, and is easy enough for folks to use who may not have a solid background in SEO. He even has a developer API and solid documentation on it for those who want to dig a bit deeper.
  • Applying Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies to Media Attachment (wp.tutsplus.com)
    Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that WordPress doesn’t let you assign categories or tags to your images or uploaded media? Imagine how useful it could be: you could create dynamic galleries of images from specific places or of specific types (landscapes, abstracts etc.), or you could create listings pages for sites with a large number of PDF attachments.
  • GenerateWP Releases yet another Tool (generatewp.com)
    This is the 13th tool released by GenerateWP. Yet another user-friendly tool for WordPress developers that allows you easily add custom contact-methods for WordPress user-profile page.
  • How To Enforce Adding a Single Widget in WordPress (tommcfarlin.com)
    Since the dashboard for the widgetized areas are driven the by jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, the implementation is almost completely written in JavaScript, and although I know there may be some criticisms about only allowing a certain type of widget in a widgetized area, here’s how you can enforce adding a single widget in WordPress.
  • How to Do 301 Redirects in WordPress with Quick Page/Post Redirect (www.wpbeginner.com)
    When running a website, you might find a need to redirect users from one post or page to another. For example, redirecting users from an old article to a recent version, or redirecting users to a retraction page, or sending them to a newer product page, etc. Redirecting users from an existing page to another has SEO implications that could affect your website’s performance on search engines.

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