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News & Articles

  • 8Bit is Shutting Down (poststat.us)
    8bit8Bit, the maker of the Standard Theme, is shutting down. The four founders of 8Bit are all significantly involved in various parts of the large WordPress ecosystem. You can follow John, Tom, Jared, and Chris going forward. The Standard Theme forums will be open another thirty days.
  • Pippin And I Have Started A Podcast (bradt.ca)
    I’ve teamed up with Pippin Williamson to talk about WordPress development in a new podcast called Apply Filters. As in apply_filters( 'podcast', $brad, $pippin, $guest );. If you’re not a WordPress developer, you probably won’t get it.
  • An Issue Tracker for Documentation (make.wordpress.org)
    The issue tracker is a central place where people can report issues related to documentation (kind of like trac, but for docs). We’ve been discussing on-and-off an issue tracker for documentation. We’re reaching the point at which we need to make this happen.
  • WebDevStudios’ Take On a WordPress Core Widget UI Refresh (webdevstudios.com)
    Let’s face it – unless you like devoting your time to clicking, dragging, accidentally letting go of your mouse button, then clicking and dragging again, we all hate the widget management page. With things becoming more and more streamlined with each WordPress release, how is it that the widget page remains such a cumbersome, laborious trial of will and patience (not to mention finger dexterity)?
  • It’s Legal but Unethical (justintadlock.com)
    Some people in the WordPress community are still trying to hold on to that last shred of proprietary licensing. That idea that their code shouldn’t be shared with others. That it’s wrong to use their creations freely.
  • What is WordPress Lacking? A Template Language (torquemag.io)
    Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Laravel, Drupal—what do these platforms have that WordPress lacks? A template language. This is where the “boo”s usually start. I’ve talked to many top people in the WordPress community who believe that the current PHP-based templating system is fine. Hard to disagree with them when WordPress powers nearly 20% of the web.

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Theme News

  • 15 Best Handpicked Real Estate WordPress Themes (www.beginwp.com)
    These real estate WordPress themes come with some unique features that a real estate site ‘must’ have such as: MLS/IDX integration, advanced search functionality, custom Google Maps integration, property listing pages with property images, location and details (like how many bedrooms, halls, kitchens), agent profiles and more.
  • Sustainability for WordPress Themes (chrislema.com)
    It’s been long enough since WooThemes updated their pricing. So things have all calmed down. And I’ve even seen several WordPress companies jump on the bandwagon and announce that their pricing for plugins was moving to a yearly support model. So everything is great, right? Almost. See I think we’re going to see one more wave of frustration when theme developers realize what plugins developers have realized.
  • The State of WordPress Themes (www.supportdash.com)
    We scoured the web for every theme provider we could find. We found 1,001. We then took 300 of the most popular providers and looked at them one-by-one collecting our data. Below is what we found.
  • Meet Twenty Thirteen’s Multi Colored Child Theme – Holi (thematosoup.com)
    No wonder the Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme ignited so much discussion. It’s opinionated, bold, but still leaves your content to do the talking. It’s clearly a 180-degree turn from all the previous default themes and blandness we’ve become accustomed to. Holi is a Twenty Thirteen’s child theme. It comes in 9 different color schemes and we plan on adding some more.


  • DIY Alternative to WordPress SEO Plugins (digwp.com)
    Most SEO plugins have way too many bells and whistles for my simple needs, so I wrote a little snippet that’s meant as a drop-in, DIY replacement for the big WordPress SEO plugins. If you want a lot of features and options, then try Yoast’s awesome SEO plugin or the great All in One SEO; otherwise, if you just want something simple that works, check out Basic WP SEO — a simple slab of code that you add to your functions.php file and done.
  • How to Embed Audio and Video Players in WordPress (stevengliebe.com)
    WordPress 3.6 has been released and one of it’s best new features is the ability to embed audio and video players for uploaded media directly into post or page content. The excellent MediaElement.js JavaScript library is used to output an HTML5 or Flash player, depending on the browser and device, for near-total compatibilit
  • Social Nav Menus: Part 2 (justintadlock.com)
    A few days ago, I wrote a tutorial explaining how themes could easily make social nav menus. The goal was to make it simple for both the theme user and theme author. However, a few folks in the comments wanted to see this done with Genericons rather than images. So, I went back to the drawing board and came up with a full-blown solution for using Genericons and making an uber-cool social media nav menu.
  • WordPress 3.6: Using has_shortcode When Enqueueing Scripts (halgatewood.com)
    Here you can see how you can enqueue scripts and styles using the new has_shortcode function from WordPress 3.6 in your plugin or theme/
  • Top Ten Unknown WordPress Functions (laserred.co)
    Doing a quick Google search doesn’t always show the most relevant results for WP functions, however digging into the core is like a gold mine (for nerds). Here’s a list of some of those useful (but often unknown) functions you should be using.
  • Understanding The WordPress defaults Array (tommcfarlin.com)
    Earlier this week, I received an email from someone who was asking about the Settings API. Specifically, he was curious as to how the WordPress defaults array works. But if you’re not familiar with the Settings API or with how to apply_filters call works, then this particular function can be confusing especially when it comes to understanding the serialization lifecycle of saving options to the database.
  • WordPress tip: Email alert for 404s (www.wprecipes.com)
    As a conscious web developer/website owner, you probably want to keep track of 404 pages on your website or blog. Instead of having to manually dig in the log files, what about an automatic script for reporting 404 errors via email? To implement, simply include this script at the top of your theme’s 404.php file. If your theme don’t have a 404.php file, then create it.
  • A Look at the WordPress HTTP API: A Practical Example of wp_remote_post (wp.tutsplus.com)
    In this article, we’re going to make use of wp_remote_post such that we’re actually able to see it in action. Remember that this – like wp_remote_post – is part of the HTTP API of which there are other functions worth reviewing.

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