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Plugin News

  • Write Plugins That Scratch An Itch (pippinsplugins.com)
    After writing and maintaining 100+ plugins, we’ve discovered that there is one definite category of plugins that are the most enjoyable to build and maintain, and those are ones that are built for yourself to satisfy a personal need or desire. Plugins that scratch an itch.
  • Developer Plugins I Can’t Live Without (torquemag.io)
    When you’ve been developing for WordPress for a while, you get into a bit of a flow, and you end up reaching for the same tools again and again. And if you’ve reviewed as many plugins as I have, you probably will come across quite a few useful ones. They’ve helped me out quite a bit, and I’m hoping they might help you all too. Here they are, in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Behind The Scenes In The WordPress Plugin Directory With Mika Epstein (wptavern.com)
    How does someone get involved with reviewing plugins for WordPress? For Mika it was in the vein with something she’d be doing already. She has a passion for helping plugins play nice with WordPress.
  • New Plugin: Post Connector (yoast.com)
    Sometimes you just want to relate posts directly to posts. There are loads of reasons why you’d want to do this, for instance I might want to relate plugins to this post as I talk about them. This functionality is exactly what our new plugin Post Connector offers.
  • WordPress SEO Premium 1.0 (yoast.com)
    We’re very proud to bring this release to you today: WordPress SEO premium 1.0 is here. This premium version adds a redirect module to the WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to manage your redirects from within your WordPress installation.

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