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Plugin News

  • 5 Plugins To Turn WordPress Into A Mobile App (premium.wpmudev.org)
    In this article, we take a look at five other plugins that all deliver a mobile app and discover that if you are willing to compromise the process is surprisingly simple and cost effective.
  • Updates to the Jetpack Plugin (torquemag.io)
    Late last week, the Automattic team released the newest version of Jetpack, which included a few notable updates worth taking a look at which should make some people’s lives easier.
  • BuddyPress 2.0 Development Kicks Off Today, Release Set for Mid-April (wptavern.com)
    Today’s BuddyPress development meeting focused on setting goals and exceptions for the 2.0 release. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to see in mid-April, barring any major roadblocks.
  • Widget Customizer Approved For WordPress 3.9 (wptavern.com)
    The Widget Customizer plugin is now cleared for takeoff and will land in WordPress 3.9. During the core development meeting today, the plugin was approved to be merged into the WordPress trunk. The days of editing widgets blind will soon be over, as widget editing with live previews will now be a native part of the WordPress publishing experience.
  • Gust Plugin Brings the Ghost Admin Panel Into WordPress (wptavern.com)
    There were some in the WordPress camp who were disappointed that the project would not be continuing on as a fork, as Ghost would have been an appealing “flavor” of WordPress for users who don’t need a CMS. A few WordPress plugin developers were excited about some of Ghost concepts and have produced plugins that bring those into WordPress. Gust is one in particular that caught my eye

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Theme News

  • 60 Fantastic Free Responsive WordPress Business Themes (premium.wpmudev.org)
    WordPress now powers almost 20% of the web. And though it’s hard to say exactly how much of that is attributed to exactly what types of users, there’s no question that businesses have been turning to WordPress at a greater and greater rate. As you might expect, that increased demand has led theme developers to increase choices. And these 60 free responsive business themes below attest to that.
  • Speed Up Your WordPress Theme Development Using CodeKit (premium.wpmudev.org)
    As a developer, you probably know the pain of having to constantly refresh your browser every time you update a file. Having the changes you made or an error you created already displayed as soon as you get to your browser is an amazing convenience that we’ve come to count on thanks to CodeKit.
  • More Drag & Drop WordPress Options (chrislema.com)
    Take a look on the new options regarding themes based on a comparison made to show you how to construct a particular layout.
  • Why You Should Clean Out Your WordPress Themes Directory (wptavern.com)
    WordPress sites are a prime target for hackers and spammers. If your site isn’t secure, hackers can use your themes as entry points. They’ve studied WordPress themes and know how to take advantage of them to forge an all-out attack on your site, your server and its resources.


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