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wpMail.me wpMail.me issue#141 - The weekly WordPress newsletter.
No spam, no nonsense. - February 20, 2014

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News & Articles

  • Battling round numbers with WordPress 4.0 (www.poststat.us)
    WordPress 3.9 hasn’t quite reached beta, but many of us are already looking ahead to WordPress 4.0. Multisite, custom post types and many other amazing things we now take for granted were included. But, that doesn’t mean that 4.0 will be so big.
  • AppPresser, Just A Website In An App? (premium.wpmudev.org)
    Do you know how to make a website in WordPress? Then you know how to make an app! That’s the AppPresser claim, the first mobile development framework for WordPress. But having spent the day playing with it and building an app, we’re struggling to see what the benefit is. Just what would you use AppPresser for?
  • How Selling WordPress Maintenance Can Save Your Freelance Business (ithemes.com)
    The feast and famine cycle is a constant struggle for the freelance WordPress developer. But you can break that cycle by selling WordPress maintenance to your freelance clients. You get steady, reliable income and your clients get peace of mind Everybody wins. And it just might save your business.
  • 14 Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage (managewp.com)
    You might be thinking that you already know just how popular WordPress really is. Think again, because these 14 WordPress usage statistics may well give you pause for thought.
  • WordPress Core Proposal: Offline Editor (eamann.com)
    WordPress has a lot of killer features already, and more on the roadmap for future versions. One feature I’d really like to see would be an offline editor: create and manage posts in the browser without a network connection (then push your updates live when you go online).
  • WooCommerce 2.1, the Peppy Penguin (www.woothemes.com)
    After an intensive month of testing and almost a year in development, it is my pleasure to introduce WooCommerce 2.1, code named Peppy Penguin, today. This new release is now available via the plugin page on WordPress.org and for you to update to right from your WordPress administration panel.

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Plugin News

  • Event Espresso 4 Officially Released (eventespresso.com)
    The team at Event Espresso have spent the last two years brewing a new special blend of their flagship product and have just released Event Espresso 4. This new release brings with it custom post types, object-oriented codebase, increased theme compatibility and a great foundation for third party developers to build on. Users will find a new interface that is optimized for WordPress 3.8+. During the initial release period, EE4 is available at a significant discount.
  • Limitations Of A Core Functionality Plugin (wpsmith.net)
    So, using a single core functionality made it easy to rinse and repeat. However, using only a single core functionality plugin or a site-specific plugin, while having its advantages, can be problematic.
  • Connect Gravity Forms To Trello With The Newest Plugin (helpforwp.com)
    Gravity Forms to Trello is all about connecting your WordPress web site with Trello. If you’re not sure what Trello is, check out their web site here. In short, Trello is a very flexible tool that allows you to organise yourself or a whole team of people using a simple board and card layout.
  • Could WordPress Plugin Adoption Lower the Rate of Abandonment? (wptavern.com)
    In light of recent events wherein WordPress.org plugin authors have been receiving suspicious requests for repository access, Mika Epstein posted a clarification on taking over plugins. The plugin team does not give out plugin author emails. Instead, the team acts as an intermediary to send the author an email, notifying them of a third-party trying to get in touch.
  • New WordPress Plugin Aims To Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance (wptavern.com)
    If you’re using WordPress and you want the banner on your site, there’s a plugin you can install to join the protest. Ryan Fugate’s The Day We Fight Back WordPress plugin is based on thedaywefightback.js. It will automatically display the banner at midnight on 2/11 for 24 hours.

Theme Releases













Theme News

  • The Best WordPress Theme For Your Business (chrislema.com)
    Maybe picking a theme is rocket science. It’s virtually impossible to imaging the themes you’re evaluating because your content and the stuff they put in the demo don’t match. After all, seriously, how many of you have gorgeous and high resolution images of you, your company, and some of your clients?
  • WordPress Themes by Yoast (yoast.com)
    Joost de Valk has announced his company (Yoast) have released three Genesis Child Themes, with more on the way. We’re releasing 3 themes today, all of them very different but all of them share a lot of functionality too. They’re all Genesis child themes, as we believe in the Genesis framework.
  • WordPress Theme Performance (themeshaper.com)
    Website performance is a daunting, complicated subject; everything from servers, networks and the code itself affects the length of time it takes for our carefully-crafted pixels to arrive on the screen of our viewer. There are a few simple guidelines we can follow to make sure our themes help, rather than hinder, that process.


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