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  • HHVM: A Huge Step Forward in Improved Site Speed? (managewp.com)
    You see, HHVM makes it possible to give your site a significant speed boost. A few frameworks currently run on it , so you might have heard of it from there. If one of these describes your situation, it’s totally worth a few minutes of your hectic day to find out what HHVM is really all about and why you should pay more attention to it from now on.
  • Evermore, Hosted WordPress with Power and Ease of Use (www.poststat.us)
    Finally, finally someone has done it. They’ve combined the power of self-hosted WordPress with the ease of hosted WordPress.com. Evermore is WordPress for everyone. It comes with “the most important functionality built in.”
  • Using Gists for to Share WordPress Code (tommcfarlin.com)
    For anyone who’s new to the concept of GitHub – or just gists in general – if you have a GitHub account, you’ll find that you also have a place to manage your gists. You can think of these as short code snippets to demonstrate how to do something.
  • How To Introduce Social Proof To Your Site (torquemag.io)
    Social proof is the main reason why social media became so important for marketing. Because of this dynamic, social proof can be a great tool to improve your conversions. Showing proof that others liked your product, service, or website will make it much more likely that new visitors will do the same.

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  • How To Use Sass With WordPress – A Step By Step Guide (www.elegantthemes.com)
    This article isn’t meant to teach you Sass or explain why it’s so powerful. Our intention is to show you how to go about using it with WordPress; the most common CMS available today and one we love here at Elegant Themes.
  • How to Effectively Validate a WordPress Website (code.tutsplus.com)
    Validation is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of good web design. And in a content management system like WordPress, you need to be careful about your HTML & CSS both in your theme and your content. In this tutorial, we're going to talk about validating a WordPress website.
  • Create a Simple CRM in WordPress: Advanced Custom Fields (code.tutsplus.com)
    We've been looking at how to create a simple CRM system in WordPress. In the last part of this series, we added a custom email address field to our Contacts custom post type. Today, we'll cover how to use Advanced Custom Fields, a popular WordPress Plugin, to quickly generate custom fields.
  • How to Enable Author Bio Boxes on WordPress (www.codeinwp.com)
    An author bio is now an accepted trend on the web, especially on multi-author sites. It establishes reputation and trust, which isn’t quite there when all you know is the author’s name. It can also make the reading experience more personal. You may be giving up a bit of control that programming provides, check out this article to fins out what options you have.

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