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Plugin News

  • Choosing a Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress (managewp.com)
    We were very impressed with the education offerings out there so far, and applaud the plugin developers working to make education easily accessible through a platform that advocates free-for-all publishing through the web. This article is part of a series on Learning Management System (LMS) plugins tailored for WordPress.
  • Integrate Webmaster Tools Into Your Site Easily With Google Publisher Plugin (code.tutsplus.com)
    You've probably heard of Google's Webmaster Tools and figured you should be using them, but just haven't had the time to set them up. If only there were an easy way to manage your Google services all in one place, right? Well, Google has just released a brand new plugin which still in beta testing as of this writing that will help you do just that.
  • Thanks for Recommending Us (www.mailpoet.com)
    MailPoet did a great analysis on how their plugin evolved and how recommendations influence the success of a plugin. These resources will point out that a business needs to focus on referrals that bring revenue, and not just free users.
  • NextGEN Pro (www.nextgen-gallery.com)
    NextGEN Pro is the ultimate extension plugin for NextGEN Gallery with 8 new gallery displays, a full screen pro lightbox, commenting / social sharing / deep linking for individual images, pro email support, ecommerce, and digital downloads. This plugin includes everything from NextGEN Plus, but adds ecommerce.
  • Free Revisr Plugin Offers Git Management for WordPress (wptavern.com)
    Revisr is a plugin that allows developers to synchronize with any Git repository and easily commit, push, pull, and branch changes from within the WordPress admin. It’s different from VersionPress in that it’s designed to integrate with a remote repository, ie. one hosted on GitHub or Bitbucket. Unlike VersionPress, which hasn’t yet met its funding goals, Revisr is free and available now.
  • WordPress Publish to Twitter Plugin Lets You Tweet by Category (wptavern.com)
    Publish to Twitter is a free plugin from the folks at 10up. It essentially allows you to tweet by category, instead of publishing all of your posts to Twitter. Additionally, the plugin allows you to authorize multiple Twitter accounts and associate categories with each one. This can help you target your content to send to the right group of followers.

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Theme News

  • Are The Days Of Paying Less Than $100 For A WordPress Theme Over? (wptavern.com)
    If you are selling WordPress themes or thinking about entering the markets, there’s been a plethora of great information published the past few weeks. Topics ranging from whether themes are a commodity to what it is you’re really purchasing when a theme is GPL Licensed. Here is a round up of articles in case you missed them.
  • 6 WordPress Themes To Build Sites For Your Customers / Clients (www.wpjedi.com)
    Whether you run a larger corporation or a one-person company, you need to take care of your customers if you want them to come back for more. You should provide them with great support and the information they could use to get things done without having to contact you all the time. These following 6 themes help you build helpful web portals for your customers.
  • Gumbo, Minimalist WordPress Theme for Bloggers (thematosoup.com)
    Gumbo is a WordPress theme meant for power bloggers, built with two things in mind: minimalism, WordPress best practices. It is designed so that your content can do the talking. It’s clean with lots of white space, so your readers can focus on what’s really important – your message.
  • WordPress Theme Frameworks: A Detailed Guide With Pros & Cons (wplift.com)
    When it comes to designing and developing a WordPress theme, there are several ways you can start. Many designers start by creating an HTML template and then build their WordPress code around it, which can prove to bevery time-consuming and stressful. Others start with the rudimentary WordPress code and design their theme around that, which is relatively easier process. This article gives you the prons and cons of a theme framework.

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  • How To Go Horizontal With Your WordPress Content (premium.wpmudev.org)
    Horizontal scrolling as an approach is pretty much shunned by WordPress theme developers, and yet is being embraced as a storytelling technique particularly on tablets. So, let’s take a leaf out of the tablet and look at how to bring horizontal scrolling content to your WordPress content.
  • How To Manage The Content In Your WordPress Multisite Media Empire (premium.wpmudev.org)
    If you publish more than one WordPress site then the chances are that you’re using the world’s favorite CMS in multisite mode.Your users love that they can use a single set of credentials to log into all the sites in your network. So, why are you still letting authors create content across your network? Why haven’t you created your very own Content Hub?
  • Creating and Submitting a Patch to WordPress Core (code.tutsplus.com)
    If you are someone who uses WordPress to earn a living and to tell your story, seeing a change that you wrote added to the WordPress code base is a pretty exciting thing. I know it was for me. In this tutorial, you will learn the few simple things you need to know in order to create a patch for WordPress that can be accepted into the core software.
  • Create a Simple CRM in WordPress: Adding Columns to WP_List_Table (code.tutsplus.com)
    We’ve been looking at how to create a simple CRM system in WordPress. In the last part of this series, we used Advanced Custom Fields to add custom fields to our Contacts custom post type. Today, we’ll cover how to display the data stored in our custom fields right within our contacts table.

Podcasts and Videos

  • Create A Better Customer Experience (mattreport.com)
    You may be familiar with the User Experience of a website or app, but what about your business? That’s what we’re focusing on today. How do clients interact with us from the pre-sale, to the mid-project, all the way down to support phase? It might mean WordPress isn’t the answer for them. Yikes. Let’s dive into today’s show and soak up all of the great knowledge Cody has to offer.
  • WordPress Business – My Interview with Troy Dean (thewpchick.com)
    Like many other people with WordPress, Troy started building websites for friends and once he found WordPress he never looked back. He did a lot of client sites for people in his industry (voice over / music studios) and began his freelance design. Make sure to check out WP Elevation, Video User Manuals and connect with Troy, you won’t be disappointed.
  • EP92 - What is the best price for a WordPress theme? (www.wpwatercooler.com)
    On this episode we discuss what is the best prices for a WordPress theme this from both the seller and the buyers perspective.
  • Episode #38 Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing (www.wpelevation.com)
    Tim Reid is the host of Australia’s Number #1 Marketing Podcast “Small Business Big Marketing” and I am humbled that he agreed to spend some time with us on the WP Elevation Podcast to share his expertise. Is your business a helpful business? Watch the interview and find out why this matters and how to do it.
  • WPWeekly Episode 152 – Electrifying Interview With Nikhil Vimal Of TechVoltz (wptavern.com)
    At age 15, Nikhil Vimal is the youngest guest to ever be interviewed on WordPress Weekly. Based out of Minnesota, Vimal has quickly made his mark in the WordPress community. In this interview, we get a unique perspective on what it’s like to contribute to WordPress at such a young age. We also learn about some of the projects he’s working on with TechVoltz.com.

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