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  • WordPress Conferences Are On The Rise, Why You Should Attend (www.elegantthemes.com)
    Conferences of any type can be an eye-opening experience, especially to someone looking to make gains in their prospective field. Whether you need new work, knowledge, partners or just want to gain experience, the up and coming abundance of WordPress conferences can be a great asset. Today we’ll touch on why you should be attending WordPress conferences and how valuable the experience really can be.
  • Sprout Apps to Launch a Suite of WordPress-Powered Apps Targeted at Freelancers and Small Businesses (wptavern.com)
    Sprout Apps will soon be launching a suite of business apps targeted at WordPress freelancers and small businesses. WordPress developer Daniel Cameron is behind the project, which is centered around creating plugins that help business owners work more efficiently with WordPress. Sprout Apps aims to bring tasks like invoicing, estimates, and client tracking into the admin.
  • Interview With Siobhan McKeown On The Future Of The WordPress Codex (wptavern.com)
    If you use WordPress, chances are that you’ve run into the WordPress Codex. The Codex is a community maintained collection of documentation, hooks, filters, best practices, and other information related to WordPress. With various handbook projects underway, we’ve been wondering what the future of the Codex is. To find out, we got in touch with Siobhan McKeown, who is a member of the documentation team.
  • How Crowd Favorite Utilizes Multiple Offices and a Distributed Work Force (wptavern.com)
    Crowd Favorite takes an entirely different approach to having an office. Instead of one or two locations, they have small, satellite offices spread across the world. This approach allows the company to merge the benefits of a distributed work force with having physical locations. Each office is staffed by a group of people who excel at a specific skill. In this article you will see great insights on this matter.
  • WP Site Care Acquires Audit WP (wptavern.com)
    Audit WP has been acquired by WP Site Care. According to the announcement, Audit WP will operate under WP Site Care while continuing to offer specialized SEO services. Rob Neu, who owned and operated Audit WP, will become WP Site Care’s Director of Digital Strategy.

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