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Back in 2003, WordPress started as a simple blogging platform and it has created a huge community along the years and was developed and improved to be used for everything you can imagine, loosing it’s simple blogging idea.
Someone has thought more than we all others about the beginning of WordPress and expressed his visionary idea, just to see the other’s reactions. John O’Nolan came out with the idea of a minimalist WordPress, just for blogging, like old time.
Take a little time and reflect at Ghost!

News & Articles

  • Ghost (john.onolan.org)
    John O'Nolan has written his fictional, perfect idea for a writing-specific WordPress fork. Think about it.
  • Get Tweaks For Your WordPress Site By Professional Developers (www.tweaky.com)
    If you need to make small tweaks to your WordPress site but your developer can't find time for them, now you can visit Tweaks.com and ask for a quote. The work work on your site be divided and the results will be faster and greater.
  • WordPress Localization Is A Must (maxfoundry.com)
    The benefits of localization are really about one thing – reach. It’s safe to say that WordPress theme and plugin authors want their product used by as many people as possible, and if you don’t support localization, then you are limiting your reach in probably the most egregious way. There are people out there who won’t use a theme or plugin if it’s English-only.
  • Common WordPress Development Mistakes and How to Fix Them (wp.tutsplus.com)
    With WordPress becoming more and more popular there is a massive amount of code being generated by users, agencies and marketplaces. Walk through some of the most common development mistakes and how you can easily fix them, and going forward make your code better!
  • 5 WordPress Security Threats You Probably Don’t Know About (managewp.com)
    When it comes to my online activity, security is something we all have been fairly conscious of. Making sure that your WordPress site is secure is not something that you can ever do too much of.
  • WooHosting (www.woothemes.com)
    WooHosting will be launching very shortly. For the next 30 days, they will invite 20 new WooHosting users to try it out. If you're interested in getting one of those invites & trying out WooHosting, you can sign up for the beta program. Also you are invited to fill out a quick customer survey.

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Table Of Contents Plus
By the model of Wikipedia, Table Of Contents Pro creates, as its name says it, tables of contents for long pages. But that’s not all! This plugin also creates sitemap of pages and categories and allows the usage of shortcodes, which make your work even easier.
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