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No spam, no nonsense. - September 12, 2013

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News & Articles

  • WordPress 3.6.1 Maintenance and Security Release (wordpress.org)
    After nearly 7 million downloads of WordPress 3.6, we are pleased to announce the availability of version 3.6.1. This maintenance release fixes 13 bugs in version 3.6, which was a very smooth release. WordPress 3.6.1 is also a security release for all previous WordPress versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.
  • Boost Your WordPress SEO with Short URLs (wpmu.org)
    One of the easiest ways to improve your SEO is to think smarter before hitting “publish” on your posts. When the all-seeing Google indexes your website and decides which sites to prioritise over others, one of the factors it takes into consideration is your post’s URL, or permalink.
  • Make Your Photos Yours With Pressgram (wpmu.org)
    It’s like Instagram but for WordPress and you get to keep 100 per cent ownership of your images. The idea is that with Pressgram, you can link it with your WordPress (self-hosted or WordPress.com) site. Photos you take with the app can be filtered and uploaded to your site or just kept on your smartphone without being published.
  • WordPress as an App Platform? (jakegoldman.me)
    WordPress features many app framework and platform hallmarks, including core APIs and methods that automate and simplify otherwise complex operations like user authentication and remote data interaction. WordPress succeeds spectacularly largely because it emphasizes the publisher experience atop a capable, approachable, and open platform.
  • This Russian Software Is Taking Over the Internet (www.wired.com)
    Automattic was replacing the web server software that underpins its popular WordPress blogging platform, and things weren’t going well. So Automattic pulled the plug on its Apache migration and bet the company on a then-unknown open source project called Nginx. Five years later, WordPress still runs on Nginx — pronounced “Engine X” — and so many others have followed suit.
  • Bridging The Gap Between Developers and Users (torquemag.io)
    The open source nature of WordPress makes for interesting bedfellows. Users of WordPress are given access to tons of tools, many of them free, and are put in direct contact with the developers that made them. There are no layers of bureaucracy and customer service in-between as you get with typical tech companies like Apple or Microsoft.
  • How to Prevent Spam in WordPress (stevengliebe.com)
    Automated spam is nothing new and since most WordPress sites allow commenting on at least blog posts, they become a target. Fortunately, there are simple measures that can be taken to keep this from becoming a massive problem. What follows is a two-fold approach that myself and others use to cut out nearly all spam with relatively little effort.
  • Episode 49: 2.2 Million Downloads w/ $35k Monthly Theme Sales (mattreport.com)
    We’ve talked about the freemium model in past interviews, but this is the first time I’ve heard someone refer to it as a great responsibility. And when you have one theme that powers more than a million websites — yea, I guess he’s right.

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Plugin News

  • 3 Great Plugins for Embedding Tweets into Your WordPress Site (wpmu.org)
    Embedding tweets into articles on your WordPress site is a great way of connecting what you’re saying to the broader discussion while making sure readers don’t have to head out to an external site to get that information.
  • Protect your WordPress Membership Site with WP Bouncer (chrislema.com)
    Building a membership site on WordPress is easier than not using WordPress, but that doesn’t make it super easy. Issues like this – checking for duplicate logged-in users – can be frustrating and take some time to code. But what if there was a way to do it that was clean and simple?
  • Whistles WordPress Plugin (themehybrid.com)
    Whistles takes the concept of a custom post type + taxonomy and mixes it with tabs, toggles, and accordions. Basically, a “whistle” is just an arbitrary name for a piece of content that you’d like to group with some other content in some cool way, such as inside a group of tabs. Each whistle can then belong to one or more whistle groups. Whistle groups are then displayed as tabs, toggles, or accordions on the site.
  • WordPress SEO Premium: (pre)-release (yoast.com)
    We’ve been working hard here at Yoast to offer you a Premium version of our WordPress SEO plugin with some really cool new features. But they’re not done yet. So we didn’t want to release WordPress SEO premium just yet either.
  • WPLift Guide to WordPress eCommerce – Free Plugins, Add-Ons & Advice (wplift.com)
    The perks of WordPress eCommerce are simple yet powerful. For starters, it’s free and pretty easy to setup. Simply create a PayPal account, setup the plugins, add your products and voila – you have your very own store! If you’re looking to take it up a notch – like say adding multiple payment gateways, gift wrapping, coupons and shipping charges – all you have to do, is find and install a suitable add-on!

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Theme News


  • WordPress Custom Post Type Guides & Resources (line25.com)
    The WordPress Codex is always a good place to start when learning anything about WordPress, but it can be a little technical and difficult to understand if you aren’t one of those coding brainiacs. Thankfully there are other guides out there that take the basic concept and put them into more understandable examples, often with screenshots and handy code samples.
  • Sending Data on POST with WordPress (tommcfarlin.com)
    Before actually showing any code, the motivation for this whole post comes from the fact that I have seen – and written – code that doesn’t necessarily jive well with the way WordPress handles its events.
  • WordPress hack: Efficient SEO without a plugin (www.wprecipes.com)
    Sure, there’s lots of great WordPress plugins to help you with SEO. But in case you don’t want to use a plugin, here’s a super efficient code make your blog SEO friendly.
  • Beginning With WordPress: Customising Our Site’s Functionality Using functions.php (wp.tutsplus.com)
    In today’s tutorial we’re going to tackle that last mysterious file in our theme that you’ll often see mentioned around the traps; the one to which you may well have pasted snippets of code before without really knowing why or wherefore. Today we’ll be messing with the functions template (functions.php).
  • The Complete Guide to Proper JavaScript Usage With WordPress (wp.tutsplus.com)
    There is a reason why WordPress is the biggest content management system in the world: Its power comes from its flexibility. And I believe this tutorial proves (once again) how flexible it is. This tutorial covers pretty much what WordPress offers about JavaScript usage for our projects. Do you have any more tips or techniques on JavaScript and WordPress? Tell us about it!
  • How to Add Specific Page Titles and Descriptions to WordPress Category and Tag Archives (winningwp.com)
    When it comes to SEOing up their site’s posts and pages, nine out of ten site owners/developers will happily sit for hours tweaking every last detail to increase their chances of getting to the top of Google, Bing, etc, however, many of those same people don’t even seem to be aware that their site’s category or tag archives may also have the potential to rank rather highly in the SERPs.

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