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Plugin News

  • Security Plugins: More of a Problem Than a Solution? (mattreport.com)
    How can we operate on unlimited everything forever? At some point there’s going to be a customer or situation that totally obliterates our support costs.
  • Backup Plugins for WordPress (torquemag.io)
    if you are hosting on WP Engine — or another hosting company that offers automatic site backups—then you have no need for backup plugins. You have daily backups to fall back on; you need not do anything and the backups are done for you. Check out a variety of backup plugins.
  • How To: Track WordPress Changes & User Activity – Free Plugins to Download (wplift.com)
    The number of events that these free plugins can track is pretty comprehensive. Actions such as creating new content, editing widgets, failed login attempts and changes to site options, to name but a few, can be easily viewed. If you want a better overview of what is going on with your WordPress site, these plugins provide an effective solution.
  • 25 Useful WooCommerce Plugins You Might Never Heard Of (wpwebshop.com)
    Building your own WordPress webshop without using WooCommerce can be super complicated, and why bother when the WooCommerce plugin is completely free! There are numerous WooCommerce plugins and add-ons available, many of them are well known of, but there are many of them just as good, and yet you might not even know they exist.

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