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No spam, no nonsense. - April 24, 2014

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News & Articles

  • Welcome To WordPress 3.9: What's New & How Does It Work? (code.tutsplus.com)
    The latest version of WordPress, given the nickname "Smith" and the version number of 3.9, brings a bunch of great new features to the board. which you can check right here.
  • The Power of WordPress.org on Freemium Products (www.poststat.us)
    There’s a ton of discussion going on around the WordPress.org theme review incentive program right now. The incentive program was structured around a concept of rewarding reviewers for their work by allowing them to choose which themes get featured on the WordPress theme showcase, based on how many themes they review and approve in a given month.
  • Thoughts on WordPress Developers, Communities, and Products (tommcfarlin.com)
    For those of you who are involved in working with building things for WordPress- specifically, premium plugins and themes – then you’re likely plugged closely into what many refer to as “the WordPress community.” But what challenges you get while being part of this great community?
  • 13 Vagrant Resources for WordPress Development (wptavern.com)
    Because it’s so lightweight and portable, many WordPress developers have adopted Vagrant for development, which has resulted in different tools and configurations for various project needs. We’ve collected a few WordPress-related Vagrant resources here that will help you get started.
  • Common Issues and Troubleshooting WordPress 3.9 (wptavern.com)
    Providing support in the WordPress.org forums gives you a clear indication on how well a release is being received and whether or not anything major broke. After spending five hours in the support forum, here are some common issues being reported by users.

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Podcasts and Videos

  • WordPress 3.9 roundtable with core contributors (www.poststat.us)
    We were privileged to be joined by six core contributors to WordPress 3.9 for a Google Hangout where we talked about the new release, contributing to WordPress, and more.
  • WPWeekly Episode 146 – WordPress 3.9 With Andrew Nacin (wptavern.com)
    In this weeks edition of WordPress Weekly, we discussed several topics with WordPress lead developer Andrew Nacin. Ever since the release of WordPress 3.7, many have questioned why auto updates are turned on by default for minor and security updates. Nacin described the philosophy behind the auto update system and why the team will be sticking with its current implementation.

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