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News & Articles

  • How Much Should A Custom WordPress Website Cost? (www.poststat.us)
    Brian, as a consultant gives us a set of question and answers and insights on how to price and sell our website correctly.
  • 5 Solutions for Managing & Tracking Affiliate Advertising in WordPress (www.wpkube.com)
    Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to build your own sales army and increase your brand awareness online. With the immense development of WordPress-powered eCommerce sites, the demand of affiliate management and tracking solutions is growing rapidly. So we thought of writing a post which could give you a quick knowledge about running and managing an affiliate program with your WordPress site.
  • 7 Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress Users (www.wpbeginner.com)
    Analytics platform can tell you where your users are coming from, which pages they are visiting the most, how long do they stay on your website, which links do they click on the most, etc. Having that said let’s take a look the best analytics software for WordPress users.
  • Roadmap, Features, to Keep WordPress Awesome (premium.wpmudev.org)
    WordPress has been at the forefront of publishing disruption by bringing smart, easy, capable, industrial-strength publishing to anyone and everyone. That’s why we love it. But if WordPress is to keep its mantle as the “people’s champion” then it has to respond as publishing and publishers’ needs evolve and the issue with the upcoming 4.0 major release (like many before it) is that there’s precious few signs of what might lie ahead. Where is the roadmap?

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Theme News

  • What Makes a WordPress Theme Beautiful? (chrislema.com)
    It’s a great question, right? Because if you’re going to step into the space, if you’re going to release your own themes, you clearly don’t want to be the theme producer that people say is “nice” or “fine” or just “ok.” No, you want to be a theme vendor that creates beauty. You want to be someone that is trusted for their design aesthetic as much as their coding prowess, right? So let’s dig into our take on this last question.
  • New Theme: SEOTips Professional Blogging Theme Released (magazine3.com)
    We are excited to announce the release of our new WordPress theme ‘SEOTips‘. SEO-Tips is a fast loading pro blogging theme. A theme that is flexible and looks great on any device, big or small, it is also SEO optimised. SEOTips is a Minimal Blogging WordPress theme, created with keeping quality in mind. It can be used for SEO Blogs, Technology blog, personal and general blogs.
  • Baskerville: A Free WordPress Theme for Hoarders (wptavern.com)
    Baskerville is a new masonry grid style WordPress theme available from designer Anders Norén. His popular Hemingway theme has received more than 60,000 downloads on WordPress.org and is also offered on WordPress.com. Baskerville was created to showcase many different types of content, hence its tagline: “A WordPress Theme for Hoarders.”
  • Blue Steel: A Free WordPress Theme Based on Roots (wptavern.com)
    Roots is a WordPress starter theme that makes use of HTML5 Boilerplate, Bootstrap, and Grunt. Over the years Roots has garnered somewhat of a cult following and is still going strong with the release of version 7.0.0 last week.


  • How to Edit WordPress Core Files (managewp.com)
    There are some important dos and don’ts related to code editing in WordPress, as well as some areas that you need to steer clear of completely. We’re going to cover all that in this article.
  • Running WordPress on OpenShift Part2 (code.tutsplus.com)
    In this tutorial, we will dive deeply into OpenShift to understand the custom build and deployment process. We will also learn the command-line tool for logging and troubleshooting when our application is down.
  • Creating an FAQ Page Using Two Loops (code.tutsplus.com)
    FAQ pages are quite common on websites, in particular e-commerce websites or those promoting a product or service which potential customers are likely to have questions about. Creating an FAQs page can save time and money by providing answers without customers having to email or phone the site owner, and may help to increase sales. In this tutorial, you will find out how to do a FAQ page using two loops.

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